Sunday, November 7, 2021

Haw Creek

Haw Creek is a classic Ozark stream, which meanders for several miles before emptying into Big Piney Creek. The most popular spot along the creek is Haw Creek Falls, which has a pleasant campground that offers access to several waterfalls. At the end of October I drove by Haw Creek while trying to get a few pictures of fall colors, and made a stop at Haw Creek Falls. The falls aren't all that tall, but they are almost always scenic. Plus it's really not that often that we get fall colors and waterfalls flowing.

Kids In The Haw

Happy Haw-loween

This year doesn't seem like it's going to be the best for fall colors. But the trees along the creek were showing off a little bit.

Haw and Oates

Haw That You Can't Leave Behind

Hee Haw



I walked up the creek for a bit, careful to not slip and fall in the water (SPOILER: I would do that the next day at the Buffalo River).


Since I had the infrared camera with me, I thought I'd bust it out to see how the fall colors looked in infrared:


I sat the camera bag down by this old tree, which has roots growing out on the exposed rocks long the creek. The roots looked like an octopus grabbing onto the rocks.



I walked back to the car, and then drove across the old Hwy. 123 Bridge over Big Piney Creek (built 1931). I stopped for a quick shot before driving up the hill towards Hwy. 7.


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