Sunday, December 30, 2012


Bonjour! This is just a quick post with a shot from Christmas Eve, taken in the City of Lights - Paris. Well, Paris, Arkansas. I passed through Paris on my way to visit family for the holidays, and stopped to get a few pictures of the lights on the Logan County Courthouse.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Capitol

On Saturday night, I headed to downtown Little Rock with the idea of taking a few pictures.  I ended up at the Arkansas State Capitol building, which was decked out in holiday lights.  I managed to miss the fireworks show at the capitol this year, since it conflicted with the 2012 MLS Cup. So instead I drove by and tried to find a different shot of the building.  I eventually set up the camera along Capitol Avenue, with the tripod awkwardly sticking out in the road.  I hoped to get a shot of the capitol with a few lines from the passing traffic....

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Saline County Courthouse

On Saturday night I made the short drive over to Benton to take some pictures of the Christmas lights on the Saline County Courthouse.  The courthouse is a great old building, and they do a good job of decorating it for the holidays.


But even with all the lights, and the dozens of small kids running around screaming at the lights, it didn't really feel all that Christmas-y. Maybe because it was 70 degrees outside. It didn't seem right to be taking pictures of Christmas lights when people were running around in shorts...


Monday, December 10, 2012

Have A Holly Jolly Big Dam Christmas

After work last week, I headed out to take a few pictures of the Big Dam Bridge.  Because of the holiday season, the bridge has a Christmas inspired lighting design, showing both green and red lights against the bridge pillars.  So I got to the bridge and scouted out a spot, only to abandon it and try for a different view.  Along the way, I looked back at the bridge and decided to stop for a few pictures.  Unfortunately, the lights on the bridge cycle so quickly that the colors tend to get lost in longer exposures.  So instead of green and red lights, they morphed into some sort of greenish-red tint.


This was taken right at dusk, as the low clouds (with some light drizzle) drifted over the bridge and the river. The low clouds picked up the city lights from Little Rock, which turned them into a deep orange.