Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flatside Pinnacle

The other day I took the short drive out to Flatside Pinnacle, just under an hour from Little Rock. It is probably one of the best views in the state, but isn't all that well known. It is similar to Pinnacle Mountain, except maybe it hasn't been "loved" too much, there are hardly many other visitors there, and the views are spectacular. Unlike Pinnacle, there are hardly any traces of civilization out there, just miles upon miles of forested hills. The only man-made things that can be seen is the dirt road leading up there, and sadly, some clear-cutting on a hill.

But the views there, are just great. It's also a great place to catch a sunset. The day I was up there it was cloudy, so there wasn't a sunset to catch. Here is part of the view:
View from Flatside Pinnacle

And a shot with some of the lichen-covered rocks on top of the Pinnacle:
Flatside Pinnacle

And a panoramic shot, which is an autostitch of seven shots...
Flatside Pan

Flatside Pinnacle is located in the Flatside Wilderness of the Ouachita National Forest, and is west of Little Rock. To get there, take Hwy. 10 west from Pinnacle Mountain until you reach the junction with Hwy. 9. Turn left (south) for 3.2 mile and then turn right onto a dirt road, which is the Winona Scenic Drive. Follow this dirt road for about 11 miles, and you'll come to a small parking area. From there just take a short trail that heads a bit steeply up the hill to the Pinnacle. It's well worth the effort.

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