Friday, April 4, 2008

Dogwoods in bloom at Pinnacle Mountain

We got back in town from Dallas on Monday, so I took the day off. We got back in the afternoon, and I took the free time to make a visit to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. I hiked the Kingfisher Trail, but really didn't see much there to get a picture of. The dogwood trees at the base of the mountain were blooming, so I did get a shot of that...

It has poured down rain here all week, and I've been looking forward to the weekend since I would finally have a chance to go out and get some waterfall pictures. I've been studying the trusty Arkansas Waterfalls Guidebook for inspiration, making a tentative plan to maybe go up to the Buffalo River area. Then I watched the weather tonight, and the plans were ruined. What was the weather forecast for the weekend? Sunny both Saturday and Sunday. Crap! It made me mad, it rained every day while I was at work this week, but the one free day I had it would be sunny - the enemy of waterfall pictures. If I owned a gun (or was Elvis) I might have shot up my tv.

The good news at least is that all the places hit by the tornadoes and stormy weather last night will have some nice weather to help clean up. I guess I'll pack up the camera and set the alarm to wake up in the morning to see if maybe there is some decent cloud cover, and try to find a good waterfall to reach that is maybe closer to home....

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