Friday, April 25, 2008

Catching up with the Travs

Went to an Arkansas Travelers game last weekend at Dickey-Stephens Field. It was a good game, and a nice night out.

The game was nearly sold-out, the only seating left by the time we got there was on the grassy bern. They announced that there were over 7,000 people at the game. The game was against the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, so maybe lots of people came out to see the new Arkie team. The Travs won, 3-1.

Dickey-Stephens is a great ballpark, but one thing that I don't like is how they are starting to use more music during the game. Everytime a Travs player's name would be announced before he went to bat, they would blare out 30 seconds of some random song. It got on my nerves after a few innings. Say what you will about soccer games, but at least they trust that people can pay attention to the game without playing music every few minutes...


This was taken right before I went to stand in line to get something to eat and missed the Travs scoring a few runs.

A Travs player (sorry, I don't follow the team that closely to know their names, and I can't read his jersey number, it's 1-something!)..
Getting to 3rd base

Our seats had good views of third base, so I hope I could get a good shot of something happening, but this was just about all I got. Dickey-Stephens is a neat stadium, so we'll probably head back to another game. Maybe on one of those $3 ticket nights...

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