Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Around Keo

After leaving the Plum Bayou Mounds, we stopped by this small oxbow lake near the town of Keo. The lake was once a channel of the Arkansas River, and is now filled with thousands of cypress and tupelo trees.


The fall colors here were close to peak, and seemed too look more saturated thanks to the rain that started falling.


A little but further down the road, I pulled over in the rain and hurried to get a shot of this abandoned church:


We headed north towards another abandoned church, which sits along a lonely stretch of gravel road. It looks like someone has been using the church as a place to dump some of their old furniture.


On top of the church there was one of those roof turbines, those metal spinning things that look like a chefs hat. The door of the church was open, so I took a quick peek inside. While I was there, the turbine started to spin. In doing so it let out a metallic screech, which sounded like a ghost or banshee screaming. Needless to say, it was a little bit creepy and unnerving. Especially if you don't know what the sound is until you rush out of the church in a hurry....

The inside of the church was trashed. But the old piano still remained, sitting next to the broken windows along the wall.



A marker on the side of the church said it was the New Zion Chapel Baptist Church, and that it was "rebuilt" August 4, 1962. Wonder how long it's been abandoned?


The roof turbine let out another wail as I took one last picture with the infrared camera:


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