Saturday, November 4, 2023

The Pig Trail

The Pig Trail is one of the most scenic roads in the state, and one of the funnest roads to drive on. The stretch of Hwy. 23 north of the town of Ozark curves and dips along the Ozark Mountains, through deep forests of tall oak and spruce trees.

I headed up there last weekend to meet up with Zack, so we could try to take some pictures of the fall colors. The colors in the mountains were right at their peak, and the weather conditions were cloudy and foggy (perfect!). We had arranged to meet up at an overlook, but I was running late because I kept getting distracted by so many things to stop and take pictures of. Like mountains covered with orange and yellow trees, and drifting fog...


And old barns...


At one point the road enters what seems like a "tree tunnel," and I found a safe place to pull over and park for a few pictures. 


And I know it probably really doesn't make sense to take pictures with a camera that only shoots in black and white on a day when the fall colors were peaking, but it did look kinda neat with the infrared camera too.


And a bit of a wider shot, after some of the fog had moved down the mountain. Luckily there wasn't much traffic out that day.


I couldn't help but stop a little bit down the road again.





It was about this point that I realized I was long overdue from the time I promised to meet up with Zack. I sent him a text which said "Distracted by foggy road shots." He almost immediately responded with "I knew it!" I hurried back to the car, eager to see more of some peak fall color in the Ozarks...

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