Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Cass To Oark

The plan was to meet Zack at an overlook called Hanging Rock. So I headed up a very bumpy and muddy dirt road to the overlook, only to find that it was completely fogged in. So we changed plans and decided to drive the scenic road that connects the small communities of Cass and Oark.

Our first stop was at this scenic overlook, which provided this view of the Mulberry River.


We headed on, and turned down a dirt road that crossed the Mulberry on a low-water bridge. This was the view from the bridge, with some great fall color reflected in the low water of the river.


And the view of the bridge. The fall colors were so vibrant that it was hard to not constantly stop and take pictures.



The next stop was at one of the put-ins for the Mulberry, which is a popular place to canoe when there is more water in the river. No one was floating that day, but the water in the river did produce some great reflections of the fall colors.


Down the road is this old church. I wasn't able to find out how old this church is, but it does look like it's been here for awhile.


We drove further on, but then quickly made yet another stop at another put-in on the river. The water was low, but very clear.


Despite our numerous stops to take pictures, we finally made it to Oark. The tiny community is the location of the Oark General Store and Cafe, which was established in 1890 and is considered to be the oldest continuously operating store in Arkansas. It was quite busy when we were there, the line of people waiting to order food was nearly out the door. And there was a constant stream of people stopping to get gas.



Of course we had to get lunch when we were there.


Just south of Oark was this old home, which looks like it's been abandoned. I hurried to get a quick picture before we headed out to try to get more shots of the fall colors. Stay tuned here for those pictures!


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