Friday, May 14, 2021

Broadwater Hollow

After the hike up from Whitaker Creek, Zack and I decided to try to hit a few more waterfalls. We ended up driving over to Broadwater Hollow, which has some neat waterfalls that are reached by a short and easy hike (but the drive down there is on a really rough dirt road). The first waterfall that you see while hiking down into the hollow is Paige Falls, which is only eight feet tall but it empties into a wide pool.


The water was up in the creek after all of the recent rains, and the water looked a little muddy. But the creek was incredibly scenic with lots of neat little photogenic places, like this spot where a huge rock stubbornly sat in the fast moving water.


Further down the creek is Broadwater Hollow Falls, which is 21 feet tall (it looks a lot taller in person). The photos do not do justice of how neat this little area is.


And one last shot from Broadwater Hollow, as the creek flows through a channel that has been carved through the thick rock. A little side waterfall tumbles down the hill and joins in, as the setting sun lights up the trees in the background.


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