Monday, May 24, 2021

Annie's Chapel

Along the road between Dover and Hagarville sits Annie's Chapel, a quaint old church that was built in 1886. I wasn't able to find out much about the church besides the year that it was built (and that it was once a Methodist church)


I don't know who Annie was, or if anyone ever knew the answer to the question of Annie are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok Annie?

Anyways, the door to the church matched the rest of the building with faded and peeling paint.


I invited myself inside and looked around. The internor was graced with a collection of pews, all covered with dust and cobwebs. Next to the altar was this old piano...


The church sits near the delightfully named community of Booger Hollow. One idea of where the name originated is because back in the olden days (after the end of the Civil War), the valley was considered an inhospitable area. The rough road that headed down from the mountains was a good place for bandits and highwaymen, who would attack and rob travellers. Because it was a "booger" of a place, the name Booger Hollow stuck.

Another idea was that the community sat between two cemeteries, and that one should need to bring a friend with them if they were walking around at night. The word Booger here instead is a combination of the words boo and bogus. But however the name was derived, I think we can all agree that it is definitely a strange name to pick. And that perhaps those early settlers should have dug deeper and pulled out a better name for the area.


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