Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oregon - Elowah Falls

On our last day in Portland, I was able to make another trip out to the Columbia River Gorge. It was on a Sunday afternoon, and since it was the weekend the waterfalls were completely packed with people. I drove by Multonah Falls and didn't even bother to stop. It was packed with people, I doubt there would have been any room to walk up there.

I drove over to one waterfall I really wanted to see, Elowah Falls. And since you have to do a hike to reach it, I figured it wouldn't be as crowded as the falls that you can see from the road. There were just a few cars in the parking lot, and I only met a few other people on the trail.

The trail to Elowah Falls is short, but requires hiking up a hill and then switchbacking down to the falls. It's a pretty hike through a mossy forest.



Elowah Falls is 289 feet tall, dropping down a basalt cliff into a pool surrounded by boulders.


The creek below the falls. The spray from the falls was so strong that it flow and move down the creek like a fog.


It was a constant battle to keep the lens free of water...


This is my favorite waterfall out of the many waterfalls we saw in Oregon. I really liked how you got to see more of the creek below the falls, as it flows past rocks and trees covered in a carpet of moss.



And one last shot from Elowah Falls, and Oregon. There are a lot more waterfalls out there that we didn't get to see. Hopefully we can make another trip out there again soon...


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