Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Riverfest Fireworks

It was Memorial Day weekend a few days ago, which means hundreds of thousands of people crammed into downtown Little Rock for Riverfest. I wanted to get shots of the fireworks on Sunday night, but also wanted to avoid the huge scrum of people. So John and I headed up to Fort Roots in North Little Rock, which has one of the best skyline views in the city. And hopefully a good overlook on the fireworks show too


A thunderstorm passed by a few hours before the show, but it cleared the air and the weather afterwards was perfect. Here's a panoramic view of downtown, taken at dusk...

Riverfest pano-2

And then it was finally time for the show. I managed to mess up most of shots by not having the F stop set right, so that most of them were a bit overexposed. But here is one shot of the fireworks...


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Julana said...

I absolutely love your work. Everything you photograph is exceptionally beautiful! I haven't seen anything this impressive since Ansel Adams. Thank you for sharing!