Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Windows of Fairpoint Avenue

It had been awhile since I had been out to get any new pictures, and I was starting to go through some withdrawals. So after work I grabbed the camera and drove aimlessly around Little Rock, looking for something to get pictures of. I ended up heading into the industrial area just east of downtown, and went down this alleyway past a few old warehouses. It wasn't really an alleyway, since the street sign said it was Fairpoint Avenue.

This building must have been an old warehouse, which seemed to be empty and abandoned now. Rows of windows looked out onto the narrow Fairpoint Avenue, and each one was uniquely different.




Farther down Fairpoint Avenue was a junkyard-looking place guarded by some guard dogs who came out to bark at the Vibe. Just up the road was a sign that pointed to a Civil War Historical Marker, but it just pointed to a similar looking old warehouse that was closed off by a fence, and I couldn't see any sort of marker.

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