Monday, June 6, 2022

Balanced Rock Falls

After finishing the hike to Paradise Falls, Zack and I decided to try one more waterfall while we were in the area, so we drove towards the Buffalo River to do the hike to Balanced Rock Falls. The hike starts off along Leatherwood Creek, a scenic little stream that flows into the Buffalo River near Ponca. There are lots of little cascades and waterfalls along the creek, which we of course stopped to take pictures of.





Soon we left the creek and went up a steep drainage to see Balanced Rock Falls. The falls get their name from the large boulder that has somehow parked itself right above the waterfall. It makes you think that if you put your foot in the wrong place, the rock will dislodge and roll after you like in an Indiana Jones movie.



And one last shot from the hike, taken with the infrared camera while looking down the small drainage towards Leatherwood Creek below:


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