Thursday, April 29, 2021


I was heading up to the Ozarks, and decided to make a quick stop at Longpool on Big Piney Creek. The Big Piney is only about 67 miles long, but it packs in a lot of great scenery. It's no surprise that it has been designated as a National Wild & Scenic River (one of 8 in the state that have that designation, which includes Hurricane Creek which is a tributary of Big Piney).

Longpool is a Forest Service campground, and it has a nice swimming area that is guarded by a collection of large boulders sitting in the emerald water.


And the road that curves through the woods, by a few camping areas. This is a great place to camp...


There are also a few waterfalls, and I made the short hike to check them out. But there wasn't much water there, but since I made the effort I took a few pictures anyways. These are the lower falls, which are pretty even if there wasn't much water going over the mossy rocks.


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