Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bingham Hollow

I had to make a drive to western Arkansas the other weekend to help out with some family stuff, but I made sure to leave early enough to be able to visit at least one waterfall along the way. This was just after the massive storms that moved through the state, dumping record amounts of rain and causing some flooding. Creeks, streams and waterfalls were definitely up and running, and I needed to get some waterfall pictures in before the water all drained away.

I decided to visit Bingham Hollow Falls. The falls are just a fairly short drive up from the freeway, and the hike is short and easy. And also the waterfall is incredibly scenic. So after driving down some dirt roads, I eventually reached the parking area for the falls. There is a trail that heads off into the woods, following the creek that feeds into the waterfall. After all the rain, the creek was full of water.

The only problem is that after days and days of rain, the sun came out just as soon as I got there. Dang. I followed the trail as it ran to the edge of the bluff, and then around to a spot where you can safely scramble down the hill to the waterfall. A few passing clouds provided some good cover for a few pictures, but it would only last for a few seconds. I tried to get shots, but wasn’t really pleased with anything and was about to leave. Until finally, some thick clouds moved in and the light was perfect. I ended up spending a few hours here, luckily the family didn't mind me being a little late. This is a shot of the creek, just below the falls.


And Bingham Hollow Falls, which is about fifty feet tall. The falls tumble over a large overhanging bluff into a pool surrounded by trees and moss-covered rocks.


And the view from behind the falls…


After the waterfall, the creek passes by this small waterfall and then rushes deep into the woods. It’s tempting to follow the creek to see where it goes, but I was already late in meeting the family so I had to head on out.



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