Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hwy. 123 Falls

A long and drenching rain fell last weekend, enough to finally get the waterfalls back up and running. So early Sunday morning I got in the car and headed north up into the Ozarks. There are countless waterfalls in the mountains there to explore and photograph, and the conditions on Sunday were perfect. I decided to hit up a few waterfalls in the Ozark National Forest northeast of Clarksville.

The first was the aptly named Highway 123 Falls. This waterfall gets its name because it's right next to, you guessed it, Highway 123. I was actually a little annoyed with this waterfall when I first read about it in Tim Ernt's waterfall guidebook. I had driven right by this waterfall dozens of times and never saw it. But it's so close to the road that you can see it.


The falls are 47 feet tall and can be reached by a short walk from the road (there is a trail, but it's a bit of a scramble in places). This was taken just down the creek from the falls...


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