Monday, December 9, 2013

Apple Lake

Still working on getting caught back up....

In November, Zack and I headed out to see some of the fall colors. Instead of the Ozarks, we headed east to the swamps of the Arkansas Delta. It was cloudy as we drove towards one of my favorite places to take pictures, the Dagmar Wildlife Management Area. There are a lot of photogenic cypress and tupelo trees there, all in a relatively short drive from Little Rock.


These were all taken at Apple Lake, which is just to the north of Hwy. 70. The fall colors were just about at their peak.



The ivory-billed woodpecker was thought to have been seen in this area a few years ago. So now all of this land has been closed off to hunting, which was good to us since we were visiting there in hunting season. No worries about getting shot while taking pictures!



And another good thing, since it was a little chilly outside, we didn't see any snakes out either.


It was very quiet out there, hardly any noise except for the fish jumping out of the water.

Apple Lake


And one last shot from the lake, which is well worth the trip if you're in east Arkansas...


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