Monday, November 28, 2011

The Old Mill

Well I hope all of the people who look at this site (all three of you!) had a good Thanksgiving! I had a good Turkey Day, even if most of it was spent driving back and forth across the state. But I guess it was good that I had to go into work on Friday, which probably saved me from getting stabbed and/or pepper sprayed during some unruly Black Friday sale/riot.

But I did manage to get out and take a few pictures over the weekend. On Saturday, I decided to head out into the rain to take a few pictures. I drove around some, and ended up at the Old Mill in North Little Rock. The Old Mill is probably one of the most photographed places in Arkansas. But it's easy to see why, because it is a neat spot.

The Old Mill is also one of my favorite places to visit. My grandparents used to live a few blocks away from the Old Mill, (and my Papaw got some good shots of it). But it was starting to get dark, so I took a few more pictures and decided to head home. This is one of the last ones:


Don said...

I had a great Thanksgiving, thanks for asking. Nice shots. That post comparing your photo to your grandfather's photo is pretty neat. Amazing how the landscape changes.

Cormackphotos said...

Thanks Don, glad you had a good Thanksgiving!