Thursday, February 12, 2009

Petit Jean in the fog

On Tuesday I left in a light rain for another visit to Petit Jean Mountain. I was pleased to see that the top of the mountain was shrouded in a thick fog, so I quickly headed over to the overlook by Petit Jean's gravesite. While there wasn't any view there thanks to the fog, it was really pretty up there.
P2102170 copy2

This is the old CCC lodge at the point, nearly obscured by the fog:



As my cousin Jon would tell you, I'm a huge sucker for pictures of roads leading off into the distance. So naturally the road and the fog drew me in and I spent a good amount of time just taking pictures of that...
No Line On The Horizon

Luckily, there wasn't much traffic that day...

These two oak trees were growing up right next to each other, creating a sort of tree sandwich...

I had a plan to hike the 4.5 mile Seven Hollows trail, so I decided I better head on and get that hike started. But it was hard to resist stopping to get a few more pictures. This was taken from the passenger side window of the car.
P2102219 copy

And this from the driver's side window:

I was sad when I drove out of the fog, I would have liked it to have been along the trail too. But that wouldn't be the end of the wacky weather up there. As I drove off to the Seven Hollows trailhead, there was a thunderstorm coming closer and closer to Petit Jean...

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WindyBug said...

Oh wow. The fog is impressive and scary looking at the same time. Nice job!