Sunday, February 15, 2009

Overlooking Cedar Falls

Petit Jean Mountain has some great waterfalls. I didn't have time to make the hike down to Cedar Falls (which I hiked to last month) Luckily, there are a few overlooks you can take that provide some nice views of the falls. One of those overlooks is just a short drive from the Seven Hollows Trail. This was taken along the boardwalk leading down to the edge of the bluff.

And the view of Cedar Falls, from above. Only from this angle can you appreciate how high the cliffs are around the falls. They stand far above the falls, which are 95 feet tall.

And one more shot of the falls:

There has been a lot of rain around here lately, so the waterfalls are thriving. Luckily enough I am unemployed at the moment, so I've had some free time to go driving out to some waterfalls. Coming soon - some shots from Kings River Falls in the Ozark Mountains...

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