Thursday, December 30, 2021

After Christmas

The week after Christmas always seems a bit awkward. The big excitement of Christmas is done, and kids are still out of school. Lots of people are out of work (except me) until after New Years too. It's also part of the actual "12 days of Christmas," but instead of giving someone I know a bunch of birds I tried to get out and take some pictures when I had some free time. One place I visited was the Arkansas State Capitol, which was still decorated in thousands of bright lights. Here are those lights reflected in my car's windshield:


A few blocks down Capitol Avenue is the city of Little Rock's Christmas tree. This was taken on a windy night, which caused the lights to turn into colorful squiggly lines.

Little Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

And a wide view looking down Capitol Avenue, of the tree and of a sculpture called "Helios."


I stuck the fisheye lens on the camera and scrambled to get this shot, looking up through the center of the sculpture:


And then on another night, I ended up getting this shot of a lonely Christmas tree shining out over a quiet city:

Oh Christmas Tree

Happy New Years, everyone!

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