Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Well what a difference a week makes. Today it was sunny with a high near 70 degrees. But last week the temperatures dropped down to Zero, and two back-to-back storms dumped about 15 inches of snow on Little Rock. In my lifetime of growing up in central Arkansas, we've had quite a few memorable winter storms (among the best was the one in the late 80s that caused school to be out for like two weeks), but this was by far the most snow that has fallen here in many decades.

You've Got The White Stuff Baby

Snow Way

My car is not great at handling icy conditions, and we also live in a hilly area, so I didn't really try to get out and drive. But one night I did take a little walk out into the snow to take a few pictures around the neighborhood.


I went by the small neighborhood park, where the snow fell steadily on the playground.


Just a little snow

And for some reason no one seemed too interested in eating at the picnic tables...

Snow Day

Thick snow had already piled up around the neighborhood pool, and I pointed the camera through the fence for a few pictures. About a foot of snow had fallen on the diving board.

Dive On In

And snow covered the pool chairs where during the summer people sat and worked on their tans.


As I walked along the fence I stopped to get a few pictures of the shadows spreading across the snow...

Shadows and Snow

And then a few other pictures from the park...



Jonah, who just turned five, did enjoy building a snowman and doing some sledding. But I think he got tired of the snow after a few days (and having to dress in about 10 layers of clothes to go outside). Elliott, who just turned six months old, had been very fussy with what turned out to be an ear infection. Of course, due to the weather, the pediatrician's office was closed (and we couldn't have driven out anyways). Luckily the doctor did a virtual appointment, and we were able to get some medicine for him. But having to work from home, with one sick baby and one energetic five year old, defintely made this a memorable winter storm. Here is a shot of me and Jonah, before we made an attempt at sledding. Hopefully Jonah got some happy memories from this week of snow and ice.


Eventually the snow started melting, which made some interesting patterns under the tree in our front yard.


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