Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Dark And Foggy Night

I used to live close to the Big Dam Bridge back in the olden days when I was single and didn't have any kids, and would always make a quick visit there to take some pictures if it looked like there would be a cool sunset or something. I haven't been over to the bridge very much since moving across the river, but last week a big dam fog had settled across the area and I hurried to make a return visit to the Big Dam Bridge.

Big Dam Fog

The fog was so thick that it was actually obscuring the end of the bridge across the river. The river was running high, with muddy water splashing into the rocks that sit a few feet above where the sidewalk usually runs.

Where The Sidewalk Ends

I walked across the bridge, where the fog was reflecting back the blue lights above the rushing waters below.

Blue Steel

Blue Light District

From there I headed back across the river and drove over to the Two Rivers Park Bridge, which was also nearly hidden under a thick blanket of fog. The bridge straddles the Little Maumelle River right by its confluence with the Arkansas River. Oddly enough, the waters at the Big Dam Bridge were running high while the waters below the Two Rivers Bridge were oddly still. The reflection was almost mirror-like, broken only by some sort of critter that swam by (I hoped it was an otter, and not a gator. I really couldn't tell what it was).

Two Rivers One Bridge

On the other side of the bridge a few trees were standing above the waters, backlit by the streetlights near the boat ramp.


And then one last shot, looking at the bridge as it disappeared off into the fog.


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