Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Darkwing Duck

Before going to a friend's house to watch the big football game last Saturday (FC Dallas vs. Kansas City), I drove around looking for something to take pictures of. I ended up passing through the Lakewood neighborhood of North Little Rock, and hoped to see some ducks out on one of the lakes.

There were a few out, so I pulled into a little parking area where a group of ducks were congregated around a truck. There was a guy in the truck, who was reading a book and trying to ignore the chorus of duck quacks just below his window. The ducks were hungry, apparently, and were bothering him for something to eat. When he didn't respond quickly enough to their repeated quacks, one of them took to pecking the side of the truck with its beak, like a battering ram.

That got his attention and he grabbed a few handfuls of chips and tossed them to the ducks. He looked up at me and jovially said, "they don't like the nacho flavored chips!" Indeed, apparently they do love Kroger brand kettle chips. I got out to take a few pictures of the duck feeding frenzy. One of the ducks, the one who pecked the side of that guy's truck, took off towards me. But I didn't have any chips, and the duck got annoyed and gave an angry quack...
Darkwing Duck

I got a few pictures in before the duck decided to charge towards me, and I retreated. I didn't want any dents in the side of the Vibe from an angry and hungry duck.

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