Saturday, September 18, 2010

Around Town

My deepest apologies to the loyal readers of this website (all 3 of y'all!) for my delay in posting anything recently. I have made some pictures in the past few weeks, but I regret not going out to get pictures of the waterfalls created by Hurricane Hermione, which dumped some rain out over the Ozarks.

But if you're interested, here are a few pictures I've taken recently. All were taken in and around Little Rock.

This is a shot of a full moon high over the dome of the Arkansas State Capitol.

This shot was taken while standing next to the "Sugar Shack." A Little Rock old-timer might remember this place, it was a source of controversy way back in the early 1990s. It revolves around an old home (which looks like a Brady Bunch style bungalow house), which sits on state property behind the capitol. Apparently back in the early 90s, this house was the site of wild parties, all put on by the Arkansas Secretary of State. This was slightly before my time, so I hope I remember the details right....

Now the Secretary of State was an interesting character. Beyond hosting crazy parties at the "Sugar Shack," he also oversaw the daily operations of the state capitol building itself. While he was in office, he let a few few film crews have free reign over the dignified marble hallways of the capitol building. One of those film crews was for 1991 action film Stone Cold, which starred Brian Bosworth. Here's a small segment of a review, from Cool Target (my favorite movie review website, based out of the UK):
Awesome. There is simply no other word that can accurately describe this film. It's just awesome. The plotting may be pedestrian and the outdated haircuts and fashion embarrassing but Stone Cold is a simple, pure action film with intense performances and outstanding action. An often forgotten gem (except by those who have seen and appreciate it's awesomeness) Stone Cold ranks up their as a late 80s/early 90s action classic and a type of film they, unfortunately, just don't make anymore.

One of the climactic segments of the film included a shoot-out, filmed within the capitol building. The shooting was in the old Supreme Court room, and featured a motorcycle gang riding through the marble halls of the capitol. I remember hearing how the state had to spend money to clean up the skid marks from all the motorcycles that ran throughout the building.

But anyways, the above shot was taken by what was known as the "Sugar Shack," all those years ago. The night that shot was taken, the shack was quiet and empty.

Here is a view along Main Street in downtown North Little Rock:

And here is a view of downtown Little Rock, from Riverfront Park in North Little Rock.

And last weekend, I met up with Zack and John for a few shots around downtown. We headed out to the Junction Bridge, which provides some great views of the river and the skyline.
Little Rock

While standing on the bridge taking pictures, two drunk girls walked by. Upon seeing a camera sitting atop a tripod, they asked "are you taking pictures?"

I think it's funny when people see you by a camera and then ask what you're doing. I should have said "no, actually I'm playing Monopoly." But instead I said that yeah, I was taking pictures. So they told me to take their picture. I did, and then they demanded to see the shot. So I showed it to them, and they said they looked good and then laughed and walked off. Looking at the photo - they do look a bit drunk (I don't know if it's from the beers at the nearby bars, or if they were just intoxicated by my stunning good looks. Probably the beer). They didn't tell me their name, or how to send them the photo.

And finally, a shot looking down the Junction Bridge, with downtown Little Rock in the background:
Junction Bridge

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