Monday, June 21, 2010


Perhaps the best invention by mankind has to be air-conditioning. I can't imagine what it was like to have lived in this part of the country back when you relied on fans to battle 100 degree weather. Actually, I take that back, I do kinda know. I spent about half of last summer driving a car with a broken air conditioner. But AC is amazing, there might not be a better moment of bliss as the one you encounter when walking into the cold embrace of an air conditioned building after being in the thick humid Arkansas summer.

It was about 98 degrees outside when I drove into downtown Little Rock to meet up with John for a few pictures. We decided to brave the heat for a few shots, and headed over to Riverfront Park in North Little Rock. We set up under the I-30 bridge, which provides a good view of the Little Rock skyline and the Junction Bridge.

We weren't the only ones who headed out there, a guy drove up and pulled a tackle box and fishing pole out of his truck. Dressed still in his work uniform, he told us that a bass was waiting for him. He quickly went down the rocks to the river and started fishing.

He did end up catching a decent-sized fish, but ended up releasing it back into the murky waters of the river.

For being so hot and humid during the day, it was actually pleasant along the river. There was a nice breeze rolling through. Here is one last shot, taken after dusk..

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