Monday, March 2, 2009

The Old State House

Last Friday I drove around downtown Little Rock for a bit, and ended up wandering around the Old State House taking pictures.
Old State House

The Old State House was Arkansas' first state capitol building, and is the oldest state capitol building west of the Mississippi River. Construction began in 1833 and was finished in 1842. One of the notable moments in the building's history came when a knife fight between two state legislators in the chambers resulted in a fatal slaying (in 1837). The state senate and legislature moved to the current capitol building in 1912, and the Old State House served as a hospital for a time, and as a home to various veteran's offices. It was nearly torn down in order to provide a parking lot for a nearby hotel, but luckily sane people stepped in. It has been a museum now since the 1940's.

This was taken looking past some trees on the lawn, with the Peabody Hotel in the background.
OSH trees

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wondy said...

I took a picture of that tree with the Peabody behind it a few weeks back but not zoomed in as much. Yours looks amazing.