Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Highway 64

Our short tour of abandoned buildings along rural Arkansas roads comes to an end here, at a spot between Altus and Clarksville along Highway 64. Just off of the road sit a few old buildings, some empty and deserted, others looking as if they had just recently caught fire.

This old brick column sits alone, the building it supported being long gone.

And a view of the same column with another old building in the background. Part of the background building looks like it recently caught fire, though the column tends to hide most of the damage in this shot.

And another view of the old partially burned building:
P3153851 copy

Just a short walk away is another old stone building, long ago abandoned to the elements. The stone construction has managed to still hold up, but the interior has been taken over by shrubs and some small trees. This is a bit of a detail of some vines growing up and taking over the outside of the building, along what must have been a window.

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