Friday, March 27, 2009

Dogtown Falls

Dogtown Falls - also known as Emerald Falls - or well actually these falls haven't been officially named. They're actually a bit of a secret, they are located right in the middle of a park in North Little Rock, and within a short walking distance of a major trail that sees a lot of traffic.

I found out about the falls a few years ago from a former co-worker who accidentally stumbled on them while out exploring Emerald Park. A small creek tumbles down a hillside, creating a few sets of waterfalls. This cascade is the easiest to reach, another more impressive waterfall sits farther uphill but is a bit harder to reach. I didn't head up there since the sun came out and ruined the light.

The former co-worker seemed to be proud that he discovered these secret falls that no one else knew about, and so he made it a bit hard for me to find them. He just told me the general location of the area, and it took me a bit of searching to find them. They are easier to find after a heavy rain, since they make so much noise you can easily hear them from the main trail...

While not the tallest around, it is a neat spot. Especially when you consider that there aren't too many waterfalls around Little Rock. The city is located in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, a range that just doesn't produce the same amount of waterfalls as the Ozarks do. Other than these falls, the closest waterfall is at Petit Jean Mountain, a good hour or so away.

The falls are located in Emerald Park, but the easiest way to find them is via the River Trail along the Arkansas River....

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wondy said...

The rocks on the first and last add a lot of color. Beautiful.