Tuesday, March 17, 2009


On Saturday I made the quick (if you can call five hours quick) trip down to Dallas to catch a preseason soccer game. FC Dallas was playing Clube Atletico Paranaense in the "USA-Brazil Challenge." During the first leg of the series in Brazil, CAP won 4-3. So in order to win the series, Dallas needed to win by two goals...

I went to the game with my cousin, so we left from Charleston to Dallas. A few hours later, we got to the stadium in time to watch some of the team's warming up.
It was a bit chilly out there, about 50 degrees outside or less. That was a major change from every other game we go to in Dallas, where its usually 105 degrees outside.

The game started out with a goal, thanks to Dallas forward Jeff Cunningham. He scored in the very first minute of the game. Of course, that was on the opposite end of the field from where we were sitting. Here are grainy and blurry shots that I was able to get:





Kenny Cooper

Here is one of Dallas' new players, who actually came to FCD from CAP. For some reason he looks really tiny in this shot:
David Ferreira


FC Dallas won the game 1-0, the only goal coming in the first minute of play. But that left the aggregate score tied for the series, so it went to penalty kicks. Here is a shot of the CAP goalkeeper blocking a pk by Dallas midfielder Andre Rocha, which would give them the victory and the trophy...

But that wouldn't be the end of the excitement for the night, and I would learn the important lesson that you shouldn't joke around with police officers.

Because of my being unemployed (and my cousin being a high school student), we couldn't really afford a hotel room, so we drove back to Arkansas that night - a long five hour drive. The highlight of the drive? When I got pulled over in Kiowa, Oklahoma. Now this town seemed like a perfect speed trap, the speed limit drops from 70 to 40, and after midnight I was sure cops would be out. And sure enough, I saw blue lights in the rear-view mirror.

I pulled over, and wondered why I was being stopped. I made sure I didn't speed through there. But when the officer got to the car he surprised me by saying he pulled me over because the light over my license plate was out. He asked me if I knew my light was out, and truthfully I said I didn't. That light must be one thing you hardly ever notice is out, and it's not like I do a 70-point inspection before I get into the car. I'd probably drive off without tires if I could.

So the officer took my license, and flashed his light several times throughout the car. He asked where we were going, and where we were coming from. I told him we were coming back from a soccer game in Dallas, and he didn't seem to believe me. "Are you coming back from Spring Break?" I guess the fact that my cousin and I were wearing soccer jerseys didn't faze him. Looking at my license, he asked, "do you have any warrants out for your arrest?"

"No sir, I don't" and then for some dumb reason immediately and jokingly said, "or not that I know of!" I don't know why I said that, but it was the wrong answer.

"Do you mind stepping out of the car?"

So I did, which made me think he was going to give me a Breathalyzer test. Which got me worried, I did drink a beer at the game - but that was hours ago, would it show up? But instead he asked me again, did I have any warrants out for my arrest. No, I told him, I seriously did not have any. He then asked if I had any drugs or weapons on me. No sir, I said, nothing. "No marijuana?" he asked again. "No sir, nothing."

"What about your little buddy in there?" he asked, referring to my cousin. I had to restrain myself from laughing there, because while my cousin is 16 he is taller than me and few people would consider him my little buddy.

"No sir, he doesn't have anything on him."

He asked me if he could search my car, and I said he could. I know that he couldn't really, since he had no warrant or probable cause. But other than a very messy trunk, I had nothing to hide. But he seemed to finally think that was the right answer, so he let us go. We made it back up to Charleston with no other problems, though there were a few other cops out along the freeway. But remember this lesson, if you're driving along Hwy. 69 in Kiowa, Oklahoma, make sure your license plate has a light on it.

But I'm glad I didn't at least get a ticket for using lame humor....


wondy said...

Oh man that's classic. You should have known not to sass a small town cop. Makes for a great story though. I was pulled over in Hot Springs yesterday. I asked the cop for directions after he finished giving me a warning. Apparently this is another thing you don't do with cops. He just gave me a look like I'm the stupidest girl in the world.

He was probably wondering why I was in such a hurry if I thought I was on the wrong road. I actually did make the correct turn though. :-D

DWQ Online said...

Oh that's a classic. Sorry you got heckled by a small town cop.

Cormackphotos said...

Windy - Yeah, apparently cops aren't open to bad jokes at 12:30 in the morning? That's their loss! At least you just got a warning though...

David - When I saw those blue lights behind me I was expecting to get a huge ticket for going 41 in a 40. I still need to replace that light though....

Jonw said...

Whew, good thing you left your gun and bong at home that day...

Cormackphotos said...

Jon - Very true!