Friday, March 6, 2009

Lake Catherine

On Wednesday I met up with another photographer, who was visiting Arkansas on business. My plan for the day was to drive down and visit the waterfall at Lake Catherine State Park, and he joined me for the drive down there. Lake Catherine State Park is a nice little state park with a 10 foot waterfall that is located along a short and easy hike.

The falls are Falls Creek Falls, which weren't really running as much as I would have liked. We need to get more rain here to get these falls back up.



After the hike we drove a bit around the state park. Lake Catherine is a nice park, although its beauty is largely diminished by a large power plant sitting across the lake. Even from here, you could hear a loud humming noise coming from the plant. But here is a shot of a dock, now landlocked by low water levels, with the plant in the background.
P3043484 copybw

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