Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Arkansas Parking Lot

There was still some daylight left as we drove out from Lake Catherine, and we searched in vain for something to get pictures of. The interstate crosses over the Saline River just south of Benton, and it looked like there was access to the river there. So we pulled off the freeway with the thought that there might be something interesting down there to get pictures of.

And was there ever, but it wasn't a nature type scene like we expected. We got to the area under the interstate to see people crowded by the river looking at a truck that got stuck in the water. Apparently the owner was trying to drive it through the river when the riverbank gave out and the truck was partially submerged.
Which raises an important question, just why would you drive out into a river anyways?

Several trucks appeared and tried to help out. A Toyota truck tried first to pull the sunken truck out of the river, but failed. Then a Chevy truck came in and managed to free the soaked truck from the grasp of the Saline River. Now you truck people might like this. The truck that sank was a Dodge, and it was rescued by a Chevy (after a Toyota wasn't able to). I drive a Hyundai sedan with over 150,000 miles on it, so I have no dog in that hunt.

The truck was taken to dry ground, where the owner opened up the doors with huge amounts of water comically streaming out.

I witnessed all this with a fellow photographer who is from another state, and the spectacle made me quite proud of my home state of Arkansas.


wondy said...

This is definitely one of those stories that started out with the driver saying, "Hey man. Hold my beer."

Cormackphotos said...

Or at least, "Hey y'all, check this out....."

And then "oh no, y'all!"

wondy said...

Liberal use of the word ya'll. I guess this ain't your first day in the south, my friend? Reckon?

I will say this, since you won't, "I think there were more trucks there than teeth."

It needed to be said.