Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Foggy Sunday

Driving home Saturday night, I noticed some nice fog drifting along the river. Thinking that it might look even more foggy in the morning, which might be a good time for picture taking, I got up to see if it was still foggy before sunrise. It was, indeed. So foggy that it nearly reached pea soup levels at my apartment. So I sleepily grabbed the camera and headed over to the Big Dam Bridge, the pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River just a few miles from my apartment.

I was sad to see that the fog wasn't as thick there as it was at my apartment. But I set the camera up and started getting some pictures, always on the lookout for any wandering skunks who might stroll by. Eventually the fog ended up getting to be quite thick, enough that it turned the lights on the bridge to obscure points of light shining out. I think this one might be the best of the bunch, where the fog wasn't quite thick enough to totally blur out the lights on the bridge.
Sunday Foggy Sunday

And a bit of a wider view of the foggy bridge:
Foggy Big Dam Bridge

Foggy Big Dam Bridge

The sky was beginning to lighten with the upcoming sunrise, so I headed to another spot a bit closer to the bridge. I hurried to get a shot of the bridge before the sun came out, and got this shot of the bridge with some foreground rocks along the riverbank.
Big Dam Morning

I tried to get a few more shots, even some of the sunrise, but nothing really turned out after that. So I got back to the car and headed home and to bed...


Jonw said...

Those pink lights almost look like they could be on a bridge in Miami. Very interesting with the fog...looks creepy. And that's not even taking into consideration the wandering skunks.

Cormackphotos said...

Thanks Jon!