Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goose Pond

While the trees around Little Rock really haven't changed into their fall colors yet, I heard that they were coming along nicely up in the Ozarks. Apparently this fall should be great, thanks to the unusually wet summer we've had here (or not, who knows?). But a plan was made to head up to the Ozarks and hit up a few places, and hope the trees have changed.

I drove to Conway and met up with Zack Andrews, and we then set off towards Atkins. The first stop of the day was Goose Pond, in the Point Remove Wildlife Management Area. The pond is really more of a swamp, filled with cypress and tupelo trees. I hoped the trees would have changed there, but they were mostly still green.
Goose Pond

There isn't a trail here, you just have to make your way along the dry ground. Trying to not get too much swamp muck in my shoes, I got this shot of a fallen tree resting in the water.

It was a sunny day, so the morning light was a bit harsh.
Goose Pond

There weren't any geese at Goose Pond, but a ton of frogs. In fact, we saw two dead frogs stuck in some unusual places. One was perched on the edge of a stump, the other sitting in the Y of a small tree. Though there is probably some logical explanation as to why they would be there (like a bird, or something), it was still a bit creepy. I got a real Blair Witch-esque vibe out there.
Goose Pond

Lucky for us, we survived. Back to the car, we headed north from Atkins towards the next destination, Bayou Bluffs...


Jonw said...

That is some dank looking water...I think I know why the frogs are dead in stumps and trees--they're trying to get the hell out of that toxic slime!

I like the bottom shot more than the others.

Cormackphotos said...

That's a good theory! The two last shots have a bit of an orton effect on them. The light was really harsh out there, we needed some fog out there.