Monday, May 2, 2016

Lorance Creek

A few weeks back I headed out to visit Lorance Creek, a photogenic little spot located just a few miles south of Little Rock. Lorance Creek is a shallow swamp that is protected as a Natural Area by the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. A short paved trail runs through a hardwood forest and then a boardwalk takes you into the swamp.

Lorance Creek

According to the ANHC, Lorance Creek is a "diverse mosaic of upland pine hardwood forest, open water, bald-cypress/tupelo swamp, beaver ponds, and sandy washes overlain with groves of swamp black-gum. All these features are inter-connected by a complex network of small streams and seeps, which support a rich aquatic flora." This is the perfect time of year to visit Lorance Creek, the swamp is filled with water after the Spring rains and the mosquitoes haven't fully invaded yet.


It was getting close to dusk, and it looked like the sun might just be breaking through the clouds and making something interesting at sunset. I took advantage of Lorance Creek's proximity to downtown Little Rock and quickly headed over to see if there might be some good sunset colors above the skyline. It never really developed into anything, but the clouds were interesting enough to stick around for a few pictures anyways.


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