Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Recently, I wanted to take some pictures so I decided to pay another visit to Flatside Pinnacle. Flatside is one of the prettiest views in Arkansas, and luckily its only about an hours drive from Little Rock. I was there just when all of the trees had gotten their new Spring leaves, in that short but magical time when the green on the trees is a deep and saturated green.

I was reminded how out of shape I am right now (three months of doing nothing but holding a baby and watching TV will do that to you) when I made the short but steep hike up to the top of the mountain. The view is amazing, with miles and miles of wilderness spread out below. There are very few traces of development spoiling the view, just tree covered hills.


As it got closer to sunset, the sun dropped low enough to bathe the hills in a bright golden light.


But it clouded up right before sunset, and the light fizzled out. So here is a view as it began to get dark. Ominous looking clouds began to drift over the view, carried by strong winds that were tossing the trees around. I took a few more pictures before making the hike down the mountain and back to the car.


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