Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Back To The Delta

I made another trip down to the Delta a few days back, to get a few more pictures for a little project I’m working on. I had a list of places that I wanted to checkout, including one spot that I think will make for a pretty neat picture. So I drove for several hours to get to this spot, which is located way on the eastern edge of the state by the Mississippi River. As I finally got within a few miles of the spot, I saw that the road was blocked with a sign saying that it was closed (of course). So I changed plans and moved on to a few other spots.

Along the way, I passed by these old silos which are being slowly taken over by ivy.



I drove down to Lake Village, which sits in the very bottom corner of the state, and visited the Lakeport Plantation. The large plantation home sits in the middle of a cotton field near the Mississippi River (in fact you can see the towers on the nearby bridge over the river from the house). Lakeport was built in 1859, back when all of the surrounding land was a large plantation. This house has been called the “grandest remaining example of antebellum Greek Revival architecture” in the state. The house is now a museum and educational center that is run by Arkansas State University.


From there I drove up Hwy. 65 towards the small town of Pickens. Just east of Pickens is a small sharecroppers house, sitting in a field of cotton.


This old house was also probably once part of a large plantation, and is one of the few remaining sharecroppers homes that is still standing in the Delta (that I know of, at least).


And the view from the inside, of what may have once been the kitchen sink?


And one last shot from the cotton field that surrounds the house.


It was almost sunset, and I had just barely enough time to rush over to the small town of Selma to try to get some pictures of an old church there before it got dark. The Selma Methodist Church was built in 1874, and was recently renovated after a storm nearly blew the church over a few years ago. I took a few pictures and then made the long drive back home.


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