Monday, November 26, 2012

Old Main

I was in Fayetteville over the weekend, and decided to swing by the University of Arkansas campus before heading towards home. I went by Old Main, the building that is the landmark of the U of A campus. It has some Christmas lights on it, and the plan was to get a few pictures of Old Main with the lights aglow.

So before dusk I staked out what I thought might be a good spot, and then waited for it to get dark. It was a bit chilly outside, so I waited in the cold for the lights to turn on. But after waiting for over an hour, they never did flicker on. So I left without any pictures of the Christmas lights. But did get this shot of Old Main (built in 1876), at dusk.


I got back to the car and cranked up the heater, and went to get some gas before the long three hour drive home. After gassing up the car, I looked back towards the campus and saw the Christmas lights on Old Main all glowing in the night. Of course, but I headed on home anyways. I'll get that shot next time around....

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