Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Old Mill

Since I was driving through North Little Rock on Sunday, I decided to swing by The Old Mill to see what the fall colors were like there.  The Old Mill is probably the most popular spot in NLR, and is usually crawling with people like ants at a picnic.  It was cloudy and rainy on Sunday, which I hoped would cut down on the crowds some.

I pulled up to the park and there were a line of cars there. There had just been a wedding at the Mill, but it was over and the crowd was leaving. I was surprised to see just a few people left at the Mill.


The fall colors were great, although the wind was steadily knocking the leaves off the trees.


I tried to get a better swirl with the leaves in the pool, which would have meant a longer exposure. But it was starting to pour down rain, and I had conveniently left my umbrella in the car. Since I was getting soaked, and there was some lightning nearby, I decided to head back to the dry car instead...

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