Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day

So tomorrow is Election Day, and here is my obligatory post about it (in case you haven't heard enough already about the election).  I went and early voted last Thursday, and it only took an hour and ten minutes!  But I did my civic duty, even if the guy I voted for doesn't have a chance of winning the electoral votes of my state.  But while looking at all the names on the ballot, I was disapointed that none of them were as awesome as the name I saw on a yard sign a few weeks back in Missouri:


This reminded me of a sign I saw in 2008, up in northern Arkansas. I definitely wouldn't vote for him, since he turned into Lord Voldermort.

Election Day

But speaking of Presidents, I'm going to post one more photo. This is an oldie, taken way back in the 1980's. When I was in the 3rd grade, one of our class projects was to do a report on a president. I ended up doing a report on Abraham Lincoln (my research did not cover the fact that he was a vampire hunter). But the twist on the assignment was that on the day that the report was due, we would each dress up as the president we studied. I lucked out on this, since a Lincoln costume would be much easier than say, Franklin Pierce or Herbert Hoover.

All of the 3rd graders then took a field trip to the State Capitol, where we toured the building and got to meet the governor. And since this was Arkansas in the 1980s, the governor was a politician that you might have heard of - Bill Clinton. So this is me, dressed as a tiny Abraham Lincoln, shaking hands with a future President. As you can tell, my outfit was very historically accurate (Lincoln wore white tennis shoes, right?).


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