Monday, December 10, 2012

Have A Holly Jolly Big Dam Christmas

After work last week, I headed out to take a few pictures of the Big Dam Bridge.  Because of the holiday season, the bridge has a Christmas inspired lighting design, showing both green and red lights against the bridge pillars.  So I got to the bridge and scouted out a spot, only to abandon it and try for a different view.  Along the way, I looked back at the bridge and decided to stop for a few pictures.  Unfortunately, the lights on the bridge cycle so quickly that the colors tend to get lost in longer exposures.  So instead of green and red lights, they morphed into some sort of greenish-red tint.


This was taken right at dusk, as the low clouds (with some light drizzle) drifted over the bridge and the river. The low clouds picked up the city lights from Little Rock, which turned them into a deep orange.


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