Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rosenbaum Lake

Rosenbaum Lake is a beautiful little spot, but you hardly see many pictures taken from there. Tens of thousands of people drive right by it every single day, it's located along the side of I-430 in North Little Rock, just before the bridge over the Arkansas River. The reason not many people get there is that there isn't any true access to the lake, I think, besides parking along the side of the freeway.

I was up early again on Sunday (I hope this isn't becoming a habit) because a thick fog had settled over the city. I've been wanting to get more pictures of this place for awhile now, so I decided to make a try at the lake. I headed out and parked my car along the on-ramp to the freeway (from the Maumelle Boulevard exit). It would probably be safer to park instead at a gas station or parking lot along Maumelle Blvd. and walk along the on-ramp to the lake. But it was early Sunday morning, and traffic was light, so I hoped it wouldn't be a problem.

I carefully made my way down the hill from the on-ramp through thick grass. This was the kind of grass that features those little seeds that cling to shoes and clothes. There was even a bit of trail that worked through the grass, but I soon ended up covered in a layer of seeds from trudging through the tall grass. The lake was awesome. It is filled with tall cypress trees, whose leaves were a vibrant orange in the fog.

I got close to the bank, walking on top of the thick grass. I started to take a few pictures and looked down to see my shoes entirely submerged in water. The grass was apparently growing in the water, and I had started to wade out in the lake without knowing it.

But it was worth having wet shoes and socks. The views were outstanding out there.

I took a ton of pictures out there, and hoped that some of them would turn out and actually be in focus...

I was a bit startled to hear some rumblings in the brush behind me, when two other people descended from the mist. One of them would turn out to be a photographer. I gave out a polite warning to watch your step since you will find yourself walking in the water. She didn't answer, and strolled out to get some pictures with what looked like a cell phone.
Her pictures probably turned out better...


I took a bunch of picture out there, and decided it was time to head out.

I made it back up to the car with soggy shoes, and covered with hundreds of tiny seeds. But it looked like the fog was going to last for a bit longer, and I had one other place I wanted to check out before going back to sleep...


Don said...

Great photos. I drive by there everyday and often think that it would be a great place to shoot, but I haven't actually done it. But now I know how to get down there.

Cormackphotos said...

Thanks Don, this is a great little spot. It's amazing that so many drive past here every day. It's pretty easy to get too if you don't mind stopping alongside the freeway.