Friday, November 19, 2010

Collins Creek

Collins Creek is always a great and reliable place to get pictures. I headed up there last Saturday, long after the fall colors had peaked in that part of the state. I hoped that there would be enough lingering fall color spread around the creek to produce some decent pictures.

The trees had already shed their leaves, but a good amount of colorful leaves were scattered along the banks of the creek...

It was another bright and sunny day when I headed up there, and I wanted to time my visit so I got there around dusk. This would put the creek in the shade, and hopefully make for some better photography conditions.


Collins Creek is a beautiful spot - it's one of my favorite places to visit. It isn't that large of an area, but there are several scenic little waterfalls to explore.

This is one of the last pictures taken out there. It had gotten dark, which meant that the exposures in the camera were getting longer in order to capture the fleeting amount of light left in the day. This was an 8 second exposure:

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