Thursday, November 11, 2010

Park On The River

The Park On The River isn't a very creative name for a park, but it's a neat spot. It's also a place that I've been trying to keep an eye on the past few weeks, with the hopes that I would catch some decent fall color there. The park is in Maumelle, and does indeed sit right along the Arkansas River.

The boundary of the park is lined with a white fence, which I thought might look nice with some decent fall color. The color in central Arkansas seemed to reach a peak this week, so I headed out last night to try to catch it at the park. Unfortunately for me, Daylight Savings Time hit last weekend. By the time I battled rush hour traffic to get to the park, I only had about 30 minutes of light before it got dark.

I got to the park and stopped for a few pictures on the road that heads down to the river. None of those really turned out, so instead I went to the small parking area in the hopes of catching the sunset (the sun was setting, but it wasn't anything too exciting). I ended up getting some shots of a road heading up the hill, flanked by the white fence.

It was getting dark when I drove back up that hill and headed towards home. But I made one last stop, and headed out to a small lake that sits next to the park. The white fence divides the city park property from some private land, and the fence runs right into a small lake. The fall colors looked really nice in the dim evening light...

And another view of the lake. To the right of this shot is a large house. It was getting dark, and I could barely see out of the camera viewfinder. In fact it was so dark that I didn't notice a deer walking along the opposite shoreline. The deer was caught in this picture, although you can't actually see it. Due to it being a bit dark, this was a long exposure (6 seconds) so the deer is only a brown blur even when you look at it up close.

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