Monday, June 30, 2008

Burns Park

I slept in last Saturday, and ended up missing some good photo weather. It was rainy, which might have resulted in some good waterfalls running somewhere. I wasn't sure if the rain was enough to really get any waterfalls going, and I hesitated, finally deciding to head off late in the day with the camera. I wish I had set out earlier, because I immediately thought of some places to go. All those required a bit of a drive, and I was running out of time. Instead I stuck close to home, driving around Burns Park in North Little Rock looking for anything to take pictures of.

I stopped at this old cabin, which was built prior to the Civil War and was the home of the original settlers of the park area. The cabin used to be part of a larger homesite, though this is the only building that remains. Hard to believe that people used to live in buildings like this, since this cabin could easily fit in the bedroom of my apartment...
Burns Park

After that I got some calls from friends, talking about plans for dinner. The thought of any more photography was dashed when "Whole Hog" was mentioned, so I gave up and went to eat some BBQ instead (the ribs were awesome).


Jonw said...

I can't believe you sold out your art for ribs...wait that actually sounds pretty good.

Cormackphotos said...

Yeah, but the ribs are sooo good!