Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stormy night at the Junction Bridge

I hadn't actually been across the new pedestrian bridge here since it opened a few weeks ago, so I planned on heading out there Monday night after work. Of course, an hour before I was to leave it started pouring down rain, and would be stormy the rest of the night. I had two options: head on to the bridge anyways, or clean my apartment (which I'm ashamed to admit has gotten quite grungy, even with my bachelor pad standards). I took the obvious option, take pictures.

It was a steady rain, so I thought I might put off actually crossing the bridge for another day. Instead looked for more places to get a few other shots of the bridge and the skyline. I ended up on the North Little Rock side, setting up under the I-30 bridge. This provided an unobstructed view of the bridge, and since I was under the freeway, a place where I wouldn't get soaked.
Junction Bridge

There were a few stray lighting bolts cutting across the sky, but I could never get a good shot of them. I moved on out of the safety of the bridge, and stood in the rain to get this shot of the skyline framed by the freeway bridge. It was still pouring down rain, and the camera and I were huddled under a small umbrella that the wind kept trying to tug out of my hands.
Under the bridge

And also no crazy people encounters this trip, though people might have thought it was crazy/dumb to stand out there taking pictures in a storm.


Jonw said...

Love the bottom skyline shot as it's very well composed...I like seeing the urban stuff you shoot--it's a nice contrast to the nature shots.

Do you normally shoot after twilight, or did you not get there in time for the sweet, sexy blue? I'd like to see some of your shots from when there's still a little bit of color in the sky. Maybe I'm just biased because that's my favorite type of evening.

One last many freakin cousins do we have? Are you and I really the only ones in the entire family that looks at these creative things we do? What the f&ck!

Haha...ok too much wine, time for bed...

Cormackphotos said...

Ha, actually went right back out to that bridge the next day when there was some sweet, sexy blue in the sky. I'll try to get those shots up soon...It was cloudy and rainy so not much color in the sky that night.

As for the rest of the fam, I probably forgot to tell them about this site...