Monday, January 25, 2016


Over the MLK Holiday weekend, I decided to try to get out and take a few pictures. I headed up to the small town of Springfield, and went by the old Springfield Bridge. Built in 1874, the Springfield Bridge is the oldest bridge in Arkansas. But it is in rough shape now. Someone set fire to the wooden decks on the bridge, and the steel bowstrings are leaning precariously to the side. The area around the bridge is trashed, with dozens of empty beer cans and tons of other litter. It's a real shame how the bridge has been treated. There are efforts underway to preserve it, but the old bridge might not last too much longer.


Just down the road from the bridge was this old barn, surrounded by a thick wall of trees.



This abandoned home sat along the road in the nearby community of Bono (I will resist putting in some sort of U2 pun here). The house has been empty for awhile, judging by the overgrown brush and the porch that has fallen off.


And one last shot, from the inside of an old shop building next to the house. Trees and vines were crowding in on the old window.


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