Wednesday, January 27, 2016


A winter storm passed through last Friday, dumping 7 inches of snow in Little Rock. The capitol city was actually one of the places that received the most snow from the storm, which is pretty rare. It usually seems like the big storms would dodge Little Rock, snowing everywhere else but in Pulaski County (at least it seemed like that when I was younger and all the other schools would close due to weather but the Little Rock schools remained open). But it was enough snow for my work to close down for the day on Friday, at least.

I didn't get out until Saturday, when the roads had cleared. I visited a few places in town to try to take pictures, but by then a good amount of the snow had melted. I did manage to get this view, of a road passing through Burns Park in North Little Rock.


I headed downtown, and passed by the Old State House. It was open, and most of the lawn still had some snow on it.


I headed home after that, thankful that our baby didn't decide that he needed to come out when there was seven inches of snow on the ground. Still a week or two more until he makes his appearance.

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