Thursday, January 7, 2016


I meant to post these pictures a few days ago, before the end of the year. I had a little plan about what I wanted to write, about how I was driving through Paris and stopped at the courthouse and took these pictures in the rain. I even looked up to see how old the courthouse was. I was going to try to put it all together in something that I thought someone might read, but then life got in the way.

 Last week, my Aunt was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident on I-40.  The other driver was somehow, for some tragic and inconceivable reason, driving the wrong way on the freeway.  In the days since the accident, we have slowly moved past shock into a numb state of grief and anger.  I've been trying to understand what may have been going through the mind of the drunk driver, and why she decided to do what she did.  I don't think I'll ever know, and frankly I doubt that the driver will ever know either. 

These pictures were taken the Sunday after Christmas, when we drove up to visit my relatives to celebrate the holiday. It was a good visit, although now bittersweet since it would end up being the last time we had with my Aunt. We left to head home, but we took the long way and drove through the town of Paris. The square in Paris is always very well decorated for the holidays, so I stopped to take a few pictures. This is the Logan County Courthouse, which was built in 1908.


It was pouring down rain, this was the big storm that caused some flooding in the area. I huddled under an awning at store to take these pictures, and then ran back to the dry car and headed home.


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